Twitch streamer beats Hades using a controller made from a real pomegranate

Hades is one of the most popular roguelikes around today, and it has inspired hundreds of players to try to beat the game in unique ways — using only certain items, finishing a full run without losing any health, and so on. However, Twitch Streamer Rudeism has taken the cake for creative self-imposed challenges: he managed to finish Hades using a pomegranate.

Or, to be more accurate, a “controller” made from pomegranate pieces, connected with wires and sensors from the Makey Makey invention kit. The kit can turn ordinary household objects, including everything from stairs to bananas and even buckets of water, into interesting and exciting inventions.

In the case of Rudeism’s invention, he attached wires to various pieces of a freshly-sliced pomegranate and bound their inputs to ones you’d find on a traditional gamepad.

It took a few tries for Rudeism to create a functioning “device,” but after hours upon hours of failed attempts, he finally pulled it off — and in spectacular fashion. While the full VODs for each attempt are available on the streamer’s Twitch channel, you can see the clip of him actually beating Hades in the Twitter post above.

It’s an impressive achievement, all things considered. Pomegranate chunks are not exactly the most responsive controller things in the world, and I can’t imagine accomplishing the same feat — I’d get frustrated too early and most likely just go back to the good ol’ keyboard and mouse.

However, Rudeim’s legion of viewers helped to keep him motivated, and in the end, it was a fun challenge for everyone involved. We send our hearty congratulations to the streamer, and we look forward to seeing what other crazy ideas he comes up with in the future.